The Group

A Message from the President

The transformation of Laghrari Group into AL HOCEINIA Holding symbolically sums up our history, our development, and all the more so, our future.

As we celebrate our 60 happy years of existence, our experience is well established proven, built as it has been by the numerous projects and achievement that have marked our track record. The eco-system that we have carefully developed and which comprises our stakeholders, clients, partners, and staff-members, constitutes the corner stone of our confidence and our success.

Our longevity likewise attests to the energy wherewith we are endowed and the agility that characterizes us. To this day we have remained responsive to the market and its various components, ever attentive to the prospects and opportunities afforded by the market.

Today, our Group consecrates multiple, pertinent investments that are attuned to tomorrow’s growth markets. With vigilance and clear-sight, our priority has remained the same: create wealth and bring value.