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Our strategy


AL HOCEINIA Holding has centered its performance on its agility and the diversification of its business lines. Over the years, our Group has geared and boosted its activities by tapping new opportunities. Our diversification strategy has thus developed proactive responsiveness to various market imperatives within such highly strategic areas as the hotel industry, agriculture, education, as well as to the acquisition of diverse equity positions. Our prospective strategy enables us to anticipate market expectations and fluctuations in our business activities.


Good governance is a prerequisite for success in major projects. The diversification of our trade-lines has naturally resulted in the multiplication of actors within our subsidiaries. In a bid to uphold coherence in its main strategic orientations, AL HOCEINIA Holding has, as of 2005, implemented a modern and cross-cutting approach to governance—one that is premised on participatory management in decision-taking and information-sharing, as well as on the setting up of monitoring mechanisms.


Beyond our Moroccan borders, new growth drivers are open to the Group via its subsidiary, AH Africa. The exportation of our offers, trade-lines, and expertise are now applied to structure new markets, in line with our will to expand and develop on the African continent. This global vision is in step with continental growth dynamics which is poised to gain in momentum in the years to come.

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