« Investing in the future means creating shared wealth and value that extends across generations. »

Biography of Mr. Lahbib LAGHRARI founder

Endowed with unwavering determination, a clear vision of the future and a precocious entrepreneurial spirit, the late Lahbib Laghrari carved an exceptional path. His entrepreneurial journey began at the age of 15, when he launched his first olive oil pressing and distribution business an endeavor that would profoundly shape his life and impact those around him. Fueled by innate business instincts and unshakeable tenacity, the late Lahbib Laghrari rapidly expanded his horizons. In 1945, at the age of 20, he embarked on his first trip to France in order to introduce himself to various fabric manufacturers and start importing textiles to Morocco. His foresight enabled him to become the ambassador of numerous European fabric brands in Morocco, leading him to become one of the country's most important importers and distributors. His vision led him a few years later to set up the largest weaving plant in the country, in partnership with a consortium of investors, effectively marking the development of a flourishing textile industry in Morocco. His innovative spirit extended beyond textiles; he diversified into other key sectors such as real estate, tailoring industry and agriculture, contributing significantly to the economic development of the country.

However, Lahbib Laghrari's legacy transcends professional success. Renowned for his generosity and philanthropic commitment, he invested in education by funding the studies of many, providing opportunities for those often deprived of them. His philanthropy extended to the construction of mosques and schools in remote mountainous regions of Morocco, facilitating access to education and spirituality where it was most needed. Beyond being a prosperous entrepreneur, the late Lahbib Laghrari emerges as a symbol of inspiration. His dedication, coupled with his bold approach to business and societal well-being, elevates him beyond mere success. Lahbib Laghrari stands as proof that risk-taking, hard work, and generosity can converge to transform lives and shape a nation. His legacy endures, inspiring present and future generations to emulate his example, both professionally and in their commitment to others.


The Group

Our History


Creation of Cite Dejamaa Company, which was behind the construction of the Sbata District in Casablanca

1967 - 1969

Acquisition of the SMEA and SATA farming estate, covering respectively 120 hectares and 268 hectares of land in the Beni-Mellal region.


Creation of AL HOCEINIA Holding which combines a significant part of Laghrari Group’s business activities.


Construction of shopping galleries in the Casablanca city center (which is made up of 13,000 m² of rental space).


Realization of the LAIMOUN housing estate, in partnership with AL-MADA Group, which is behind the development of the LAIMOUN District (a district stretching over 50 hectares of land)


Establishment of a financial participation branch which would allow AL-HOCEINIA to tap and invest in new markets


Creation of ELFAL Real Estate Group, in partnership with the BENNANI-SMIRES Group (4000 apartments)


Creation of EUROMAROC (300 apartments and villas), an entity which operates in upscale sea-resort real estate in the Tamouda Bay region


Change of the governance mode and definition of a new strategic vision, under the aegis of Directors and CEO's MRRS. Mohamed and Hamza Laghrari.


Creation of Miftah Real Estate Group for the purpose of building social housing


The Group is selected in the framework of an invitation to tender launched by the European Union in 2011 bearing on the construction of low-energy-consumption housing units.


Delivery of the first social housing


Certification of Fal Hana project with the “Iltizam (commitment) Label”


Launch of the new brand “Miftah Residences” to cater to the requirements of middle-range standing housing segment.


Penetration of the Marrakech area through the launch of the Miftah Atlas Project


Launch of Miftah Sahill, a flagship project in the city of Agadir, comprising several residential, tourist, and entertainment components.


Launch of the “high end housing brand Heritage”, through the launch of the Cabo Huerto Project


Integration of a new trade-line, the hotel industry. Inauguration of a 4* hotel in Casablanca. Diversification of the agricultural branch ( red berries and almond trees).


Creation of the AH AFRICA subsidiary, an entity dedicated to our business activities in Africa.
Acquisition of a school with a capacity to receive 1,600 pupils.